Frequently Asked Questions

Are your resumes applicant tracking system friendly?

Absolutely! We understand how Applicant Tracking Systems work and what keywords will get you in front of the recruiter or hiring manager. All resume formats are very clean and focus on content that will impress whoever is reading it.

How can you help me get more callbacks? 

We have a team of HR experts who understand how Applicant Tracking Systems work. We do extensive research to ensure your resume is position-specific and aligns with what recruiters look for. 

What's your success rate?

The success rate depends on the industry, location, and consistency of the client. We have received multiple success stories of clients seeing preliminary traction within 14 days. Click here to see our client testimonials. 

Can I talk to my resume writer? 

Of course, you will receive their contact information after you submit the intake form.

What's your guarantee? 

We guarantee that you will see more traction with your new resume within 30 days. If you do not receive the traction you hoped for, we will reassess your resume for free. 

Does my writer understand my industry?

Absolutely. Your resume writer is assigned according to their skill set and industry knowledge. All of the resume writers on the team are extensively trained by our CEO, Charnay, and have an impressive HR background.


What happens after I submit my payment?

You will receive an e-mail that contains the Resume Intake Form. After you have completed the Resume Intake Form, you will be assigned to an expert resume writer and will receive an estimated time of completion.


What's the turnaround time?

5-7 business days (Monday-Friday). If you need a 48-hour turnaround, email for a quote.


Can I request changes when I get my new resume?

Yes, absolutely. You will have an allotted time frame to request changes to your new resume. Two change request opportunities are included with each package.


Do you have samples of your work?

No, we do not provide samples. Each client is different, and each industry is different. We create customized resumes with the client's needs in mind. As mentioned above, you will have two opportunities to request changes to the final product. Client satisfaction is our top priority.


Do you offer items a la carte?

Yes, please review the services we offer


Do you issue refunds?

All purchases are final. Our process is very collaborative, with an open door policy. We are flexible with working with you to ensure you are happy with the final product.


Do you have payment plans?

We do not. Payments must be submitted in full at checkout.

Can I use my resume for multiple industries?

In order to maximize your results, it is best that you have a resume for each industry. For example, you should not combine HR and culinary together. If you need more than one resume, please send an email to and we'll create a custom package for you.


Have some questions? 
Book a free consultation. 

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