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Frequently Asked Questions

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Resume Details

Are your resumes applicant tracking system friendly?

Absolutely! We understand how Applicant Tracking Systems work and what keywords will get you in front of the recruiter or hiring manager. All resume formats are exceptionally clean and focus on content that will impress whoever is reading it.


How can you help me switch to a new career if I don’t have experience?

Switching careers will take time and consistency. However, we will leverage your transferable skills and any education or certifications you’ve acquired and remove any irrelevant information to ensure only your best qualities are highlighted. 


Do I choose the returning client option if I want a second resume? 

If you’d like two resumes, you will have the option to purchase the second resume when you start our resume intake form. 


How are the revisions done? Does it cost extra?

It’s included in all resume packages and there is no extra cost for you. The resume writer will send you a draft of your new resume, and you will have two revisions available to reach 100% satisfaction with your resume. 

Is there anything that needs to be done differently to appeal to remote opportunities? 

When you complete the resume intake form, please indicate that you are looking for remote work, and we will add language to appeal to remote work opportunities. 


How can you make my resume attractive with a career gap? 

While it depends on the nature of your career gap, we will focus on highlighting your transferable skills and briefly describe the reasoning behind your career gap, without telling the recruiter/hiring manager too much. 

Do you do federal resumes?

Not at this time. Please subscribe to our email list to learn more about new services and promotions. 

Do I need to know what I’m going to do next, or can you make it general?

We would prefer that you have a sense of what your next career move is so that we can be specific on your resume. General resumes typically will not get you the traction that you are looking for. Please book a Career Strategy Session to gain clarity and confidence regarding your career. 


Do I send you my job descriptions?

Yes, we will gather additional information when you complete the resume intake form, and you will be able to send emails to your resume writer. 


Will I have to edit my resume for every job?

If you are applying for the same industry, you will not. If you plan to apply for multiple industries, you will need to update your resume according to the skills they are asking for. 


Cover Letter

Is a cover letter still needed? 

Yes, while they aren’t as popular as they used to be, some traditional hiring managers read them, and it can determine whether you get the offer. It’s better to have it than to not have it. 


Can the cover letter be used for more than one job? 

Yes! Our cover letters focus on your strengths and transferable skills. 


How does the LinkedIn Optimization work? Is it necessary to have a LinkedIn profile?

We’ll update your background photo, about section, job descriptions and skills to make sure that you show up in recruiter’s searches. LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with recruiters and their job board is great! If networking isn’t your thing, it will still be valuable to your search.

Pricing & Payment Options

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer occasional discounts - to be the first to hear about them, join our mailing list today!


Do you issue refunds?

All purchases are final. We want you to be happy with your resume and our process is very collaborative, with an open-door policy. We are flexible with working with you to ensure you are happy with the final product.


Do you have payment plans?

You can set up an installment plan via PayPal at checkout. 


Do you offer items a la carte?

Not at this time. All services offered can be found on our services page or template page.


What’s the turnaround time?

7-10 business days, Monday-Friday. 



How do I work directly with Charnay?

You can work directly with Charnay through our Enterprise Package, Career Strategy or Interview Development sessions. These packages can both provide 1:1 expert feedback and support for your career journey.


Can I combine resume writing and coaching together?

Yes, you can purchase coaching and the resume package of your choice separately. 


Is there a service to help me figure out my career path?

Yes, the Career Strategy Session focuses on aligning your transferable skills with roles that pay well. You’ll receive real examples from job boards and set attainable goals so that you can hold yourself accountable as your search for your next career.



What happens after I submit my payment?

You will receive an e-mail that contains a welcome packet and a Resume Intake Form. You’ll need to complete the intake form within 7 days. After you have completed the Resume Intake Form, you will be assigned to an expert resume writer who will begin working to craft your Resume Addict resume! 


What's the turnaround time?

Please give us 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday) to complete your package. If you need a 48-hour turnaround, please purchase the 48-hour rush fee on our site, we’ll be notified and put your package to the top of the queue. Note: The timeline starts when we receive your intake form. 

Can I request changes when I get my new resume?

Yes, absolutely. You will be given an allotted time frame to request changes to your new resume. Two change request opportunities are included with each package.

Do you have samples of your work?

No, we do not provide samples. Each client is unique and each industry is different. We create super customized resumes with the client's needs in mind. As mentioned above, you will have two opportunities to request changes to the final product. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Is there a deadline to complete the intake form? Does my package expire?

Yes, you’ll have 7 days to complete the intake form, after 7 days your package will expire and there is a reinstatement involved.



How will I communicate with my writer?

You’ll communicate via email until your draft is done. After your draft is done, you can meet with them via Zoom as requested.


Do your writers specialize in multiple industries? 

All of the resume writers have been hired because of their amazing HR skill set. Most of them have master's degrees, are certified in HR and/or have done recruiting and served as a trusted advisor to the hiring manager. They have also been thoroughly trained by our CEO, Charnay. 

Does the same writer work on all items in my package?


How is my resume writer chosen? 

You will be paired with a resume writer who understands your industry. 


Will my writer be able to give me advice? 

Your resume writer will make your resume applicant tracking system friendly and give you a summary of how they achieved that, but they are not available for career advice. If you’d like advice, please book a Career Strategy Session with Charnay.


What’s your success rate? 

We have seen previous clients get traction in as early as 14 days, but there are many factors that play into the success of your resume. Consistency is key. In addition, your location, availability of openings and the types of roles you want to attract will determine how long it will take to start seeing traction. 


What happens if I don’t get results? 

After 30 days if you don’t get any traction, we’ll reassess your resume for FREE.



We're available via chat or from 8AM - 4PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday.

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