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Friend, it's time to unlock your career potential. Our team of resume experts are here to help!

You've been....

  • Getting no traction with your resume

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out with your current job and your job search 

  • Feeling uninspired and underpaid in your current role with no growth opportunities

  • Trying to change careers but keep getting rejected for new opportunities

What's the process?


Pick your package.


Look out for an email with the intake form and next steps. 


Fill out an intake form and your writer will start working on your new resume.


Your resume draft will be ready for review in 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday, weekends not included).

Don't have a resume yet? No problem! We'll create a customized resume for you. All we’ll need is your job history, which you’ll provide to us after checkout!
Have more questions?
Check out our F.A.Q’s.

👋🏾 Important Update: A rebrand is coming!

Our current packages and pricing will no longer be available after October 8th. This is your last opportunity to grab them at a lower price point.

Resume Packages

Choose the package that fits your job search needs the most. 

Have a few questions? Email us.

Social Media 

You’ll have the competitive edge you need to boost your career search. These tools will help you stand out to potential employers and achieve your career goals!


  • Refreshed resume

  • Customized cover letter

  • Customized LinkedIn profile guide (step-by-step instructions)

  • ATS-friendly layout

  • Industry-specific keywords

  • Personalized draft review

  • Exclusive job search tip guide

  • Word and PDF versions


Ready to impress hiring managers? Get a refreshed resume and customized cover letter to give you the competitive edge you need over other candidates!

  • Refreshed resume

  • Customized cover letter

  • ATS-friendly layout

  • Industry-specific keywords

  • Personalized draft review

  • Exclusive job search tip guide

  • Word and PDF versions


Ready to get more traction, increased  confidence, AND a refreshed resume? This package has everything you need to get started and get the callbacks you deserve.

  • Refreshed resume​

  • ATS-friendly layout

  • Industry-specific keywords

  • Personalized draft review

  • Exclusive job search tip guide

  • Word and PDF versions

Returning Client

This is an exclusive option for previous Resume Addict clients who need to update their previously purchased Resume Addict package.


  • Been a while since we worked together? If you purchased a resume before January 2020, please choose our Starter Package to get your resume updated.​

  • Add new positions to your Resume Addict resume

  • Refine layout to current ATS standards

  • Industry-specific keywords

  • Personalized draft review 

  • Exclusive job search tip guide

  • Word & PDF versions 

D.I.Y. Resume Toolkit 

Resume Addict-091_websize.jpg

Want to write your resume on your own, but need a sense of direction? The resume toolkit includes: 

  • A helpful resume checklist 

  • 30 Power Action Verbs

  • 30 Personal Strengths 

  • A comprehensive breakdown of every section of the resume

  • Real examples of how to enhance each section

  • An applicant tracking system (ATS) and artificial intelligence (AI) friendly resume template 

  • An eye-catching cover letter template

  • A thoughtful thank you letter template to seal the deal 

Career Advice & Interview Prep

Career Advice Session

This is a safe space and judgment-free zone to meet with Charnay to explore your transferable skills and pressing thoughts you've had about your career. If you are feeling unsure about your next move, this is the perfect option for you. You must have questions prepared. This will serve as a Q&A session to pick Charnay's brain and help you feel confident with your search.

Interview Coaching Session

Getting interviews and no offers? Has it been a while since you last interviewed? Not sure how to be a competitive candidate? Spend an hour with Charnay to learn interview tactics that work. You don't need an interview scheduled to book this session.


  • Understanding the S.T.A.R method and how to use it

  • What to say during the pre-screen with HR

  • How to negotiate your salary properly to earn the money you've always wanted to make

  • 1:1 mock interview session, with immediate feedback

  • Guidance on how to respond to behavioral questions most effectively 

  • Bonus: Questions to ask at every stage in the interview, a recording of the session and 24 email templates to help you navigate your career search!​​


Career Clarity & Elevation Program

Resume Addict-064.jpg

Friend, I know how you feel. You aren't getting traction for careers you're excited about, you're feeling unmotivated, you are severely underpaid, and you aren't sure how to find roles that match your skill set. The Career Clarity & Elevation Program addresses all of those pain points, and much more!




Client Success Stories

Resume Addict-019.jpg
Professional Woman_edited_edited.jpg

Lori, HR Manager

I was in desperate need of my resume being updated and Resume Addict came through!!!! My resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile should gain more traction now. Big shout out and thank you to Charnay for being so responsive and providing guidance throughout the entire process!!!

woman 11

Ebony, Data Analyst

 I just accepted a job offer, still remote, making $30K more as a job changer in the field I was interested in. I was getting all types of job offers with your resume, cover letter and templates. My LinkedIn is optimized and I have been reached out to by so many recruiters is it ridiculous! My hotline is blinging even now and I haven’t had a chance to update my Linked in with my new title. I can’t thank you all enough!

Woman with Long Hair

Maya, Project Manager

I had followed Resume Addict on Instagram for a while, and I finally decided to make the investment.  Charnay provided such valuable information during our coaching sessions that I knew I made the best investment ever for my career and it helped my confidence so much! I absolutely love my resume/CL and LinkedIn profile. I cannot thank Charnay enough! 

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