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It's time to get the clarity and salary you've always wanted.

Your life is going to change in 6 weeks.

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  • You aren't getting traction for careers you're excited about 

  • You're feeling unmotivated and not challenged in your current role

  • You don't feel appreciated by senior leadership 

  • You are severely underpaid 

  • You aren't sure what's out there or you don't know how to find roles you're qualified for 

  • You don't know what transferable skills you have or how to use them to your advantage

Meet your career coach, Charnay

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I've coached hundreds of people who don't yet understand their best qualities. My clients come to me feeling undervalued at work, and underpaid. It's time to clear the smoke and get on your path to career success.

Friend, you deserve a higher salary and a healthier work environment. I want to ensure the name on your resume doesn't make a difference in your status as a candidate. It's time to successfully achieve your career goals, understand yourself better, get honest feedback and hold yourself accountable.

I have 10 years of senior recruitment experience and I have personally written 4,000+ resumes. In addition, my social media community has grown to 100K+ between Instagram and TikTok. 


Let's do this together. Here's your sign to stop waiting. It's time to put yourself first and go after the life you've always wanted. Can't wait to meet you! -Charnay




Client Results

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Bisi, Sr. Manager

Meeting with you was a game changer and it helped me find purpose in my career. I remember feeling so lost, depressed and burnt out with my prior toxic workplace. I really appreciate your patience and encouraging words through that time frame!

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Minerva, Sr. Executive Assistant

I felt apprehensive about investing money, time, and effort into this program initially. However, I encountered nothing short of professional courtesy, understanding, and encouragement. We worked closely on my brand and my ideal professional pursuits. In the end, I was ready and confident for whatever God had in store. I highly recommend taking the plunge. You will not be disappointed.

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Kristin, IT Leader

I had been working for 9+ years in a toxic dump and had a lot of trauma from it, I knew I wanted to leave but was scared. When I talked to Charnay, I learned that I am highly qualified and worthy. I wish I had contacted Resume Addict sooner! If you are a black woman stuck under a glass ceiling and don't know how to move to the next phase, Resume Addict has your back!

Friend, does this sound familiar?

You dread logging into your computer Monday morning.

You don't want to make the wrong move, but you know you have to move on.

Your mental health is starting to suffer from being overworked.

You've never negotiated your salary, but know you deserve more money.

Career Clarity & Elevation (CCE)

Program Framework



Self-identity, goal setting & career strategy.

We'll work together to map out your strengths, passion, and purpose to understand what career options will align with your transferable skills. In addition, we'll spend time setting realistic goals so that you can hold yourself accountable and make your career change a reality.


Job search & resume strategy.

We'll develop a strategy for your new resume, and you'll understand the most effective techniques to search for new opportunities on job boards. 


Interview mastery & salary negotiation.

You'll get honest feedback, impactful tips, and an effective interview strategy. This will serve as a mock interview. I will create questions according to your career industry. You are guaranteed to feel well-prepared for your next interview. In addition, you will learn how to confidently negotiate your salary.

What's included?

  • Four one-on-one recorded zoom sessions over a span of 6 weeks 

  • Interactive pre-session exercises to clarify your career strengths, goals, values, and purpose

  • A NEW resume, customized cover letter and LinkedIn profile revamp executed by Charnay

  • Unlimited email support during the 6-week timeframe

  • 24 email scripts to help you confidently interact with Managers and HR professionals


Submit your application and allow 72 hours to receive a decision.

What's next?


If approved, you will be invited to book a private introductory call with Charnay to learn more about the program, submit your payment and book your first session.


Before each session, you will complete interactive worksheets so that we can collaborate during our sessions. We will have 3 sessions within a 6 week timeframe.

CCE is for you if..

  • You know that the path you’re currently on is not fulfilling and you're ready for a change.

  • You are open-minded and willing to do the self-work that it takes to find a career that suits you.

  • You’re already trying to figure out why your current career isn’t working for you, but you keep hitting roadblocks.

  • You're READY to make the investment necessary to find a fulfilling career that allows you to thrive in your zone and live on purpose.

CCE isn't for you if...

  • You already love your job and feel satisfied and fulfilled at work.

  • You're too busy and not interested in doing the work to find a career you can thrive in.

  • You’re not ready to invest the time, energy, or resources that goes into getting the support and guidance you need to find a fulfilling career.

  • You aren't ready to stop negative self-talk and work towards a better version of yourself.

If you find yourself shaking your head and saying "mmmhmmm" to any of the above, friend, you and your career NEED this.

You deserve...

  • To advance into a career opportunity where the pay is aligned with your values and credentials.

  • To succeed in a career with a flexible work environment that will allow you to put your personal priorities first.

  • To be recognized as a subject matter expert and respected at work.

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You owe this to yourself

It's time to adjust that crown and finally invest in yourself. I'm here to see you win. Let's get started!​

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