Charnay, what qualifies you to do my resume?

Great question! I was a senior recruiter for nearly 10 years in multiple industries. I understand what hiring manager are looking for, what makes the Applicant Tracking System happy and the keywords that'll give you the callbacks you deserve. 


I have written over 4,000 resumes, in every field that you can imagine. I am gifted to have knowledge in every field in order to understand what you need. 


I write resumes because I care about helping others. Getting you to the next stage of your career is my passion and calling. I challenge you to invest in yourself and go after the life you deserve. 

The process is simple, select a package, you'll receive a welcome packet and resume questionnaire, after the resume is done allow 5-7 days for you new resume to be done. You'll receive a PDF and Word document and will have an opportunity to request changes. Ready? Me too! Get started below! 

Resume Packages 

Find your perfect match. Select the plan that suits your career search needs.