V.I.P Experience

Don't miss this opportunity to spend private consulting time with resume expert and certified recruiter, Charnay.  

If you...

Aren't doing what makes you happy and don't have a work-life balance 

Keep getting overlooked for promotions and realize there's no room for growth at work

Feel stagnant and frustrated with your career, but don't know what to do next

Have been through multiple interviews, but can't land an offer 

Aren't sure if your career is the right one for you or if you should switch careers 

Are feeling stuck and ready to make a change

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I know exactly how you feel. I've spoken with hundreds of people who have dealt with imposter syndrome, have been severely undervalued at work, and are extremely underpaid. It's time to clear the smoke and get on your path to career success.


Friend, you deserve a higher salary and a healthier work environment. Let me help you. I've acquired 10 years of senior recruitment experience, and I've personally reviewed & written over 4,000 resumes. I've seen it all.

We'll spend a few value-packed months together to enhance your confidence, unveil your purpose and reveal the clarity you've been seeking for so long.

I only provide this experience to a limited amount of clients per year. I encourage you to submit your application today so we can get started ASAP.

Clients nationwide have booked this experience to...

  • Career Purpose & Strategy Session  - We'll work together to map out your strengths, passion, and purpose to understand what career options are available to you.

  • Interactive Goal Setting & Career Path Worksheets - Work through roadblocks to help you gain clarity with your career.

  • Assertion In the Workplace & Job Search Strategy Session - I'll teach you how to execute a successful job search and how to set boundaries in your next position.

  • Salary Negotiation Session - Learn how to navigate tough salary negotiations with ease.

  • Interview Development Session - After this session, you'll have the tools you need to handle yourself in prescreens and interview rounds. Plus, I'll show you how you can speed up your job offer time frame.

  • 30-60-90 day plan for your new career

  • Receive exclusive email advice from Charnay to support your job search (1 month)

The VIP Experience includes everything above PLUS we'll revamp your resume, cover letter & LinkedIn Profile so you're ready for any opportunity.